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    battery smaller and lighter than old 2200mah. weight 169g. shorter wire also, and new XT60 connector.
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    Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack....-is this compatible with bayangtoys x 21
  3. dohanyos_1517460272

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    Is this compatible with bayangtoys x 21?
  4. where can I find the corresponding charger?
  5. One cell of the battery has different voltage, that cell charges faster and discharges faster too. Therefore, when using battery at my plane, when plane moves, before it takes off that cell discharges directly and buzzer beeps so i can't use my plane so i can't use this battery too. I don't know what evidences i can give you outside photos i have uploaded but if you request more evidence please deal with me and inform what evidence can i give you more before rejecting my claim
  6. quick question, how do you know what this battery would be compatible with for example esc and motor, because you don't want to put too much power in or too less the motor is 1000kv and max current is 21A. my esc is 30A but says on it (Lipo Cells: 2-4) what does this mean?
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  7. You must buy 21 A esc, the 30A esc for your motor are not good and it can damage your motor
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    Plese learn electricity basics before giving advice . The bigger the esc amp rating the safer is that it will cope with the engine .You simply want the lightest esc (and as a bonus cheaper ) that can feed your engine , that's why people tend to pair things , but there is no reason to fear using a 200 amp esc with a 5amp motor if you wish it for reasons . 2-3S means that the esc will work with voltages specific to the 2-3 s lipo packs , ie 8.4 - 12.6 volts . And to answer your question , the battery is rated for 55A but in practice i will not draw over 25 A continuously from it .That is perfectly adequate to keep your motor al full power indefinitely
  9. I have the same question
  10. me too

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