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  1. error list?
    i got error 9?

    instead of charging, the unit is discharging batteries!?
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  2. I have the same problem. Still dont know what it means
  3. paspek

    paspek New Member

    Is this a good charger for 3S 850 mAh Hobbyking Lipo's?

    Or is the 1,000 mA charging rate too high?

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  4. ell

    ell New Member

    Parece que trabaja bien, hace la carga celda a celda cotrolando los voltajes individualmente. Buen cargador para el campo de vuelo para lipos de 700-1800 mAh, las de 2200-2800 tarda en cargarlas ya que como maximo carga a 1600 mAh.

    It seems that it works well, it does the load cell by cell, checking the voltages individually. Good loader for the flight field for lipos of 700-1800 mAh, those of 2200-2800 take to load them since as maximum load to 1600 mAh.
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  5. When charging in 4s, what is the maximum charge voltage? I'm working with Li-ion 18650s and I need 16.8vdc.
  6. Hi, can this charger charge a lipo battery of 2S and 4000mah?
  7. dennis8

    dennis8 New Member

    Great charger/balancer, but will not display Cell Voltages over 4.20 Volts.
    Also missing HVLI option.
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  8. hobbyking175

    hobbyking175 New Member

    Anyone tried powering the charger from a 4S lipo? It says upto 16v but 4S is 16.8v so not sure it will be OK?
  9. mfoden41_1568752330

    mfoden41_1568752330 New Member

    Can this be connected to the mains using an adapter/mobile phone type charger or is this just battery powered?. cheers
  10. j.wilkie_1571041237

    j.wilkie_1571041237 New Member

    Hi there, yes it can! Just insure the mains adapter is a minimum of 30W.
  11. Blala

    Blala New Member

  12. Blala

    Blala New Member

    It will be fine!
    Albeit a little quick but dont worry
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  13. i did , but is not working, is showing error ER2
  14. С устройсвтвом в комплекте идёт кабель для зарядки от сети 220V?

    Does the device come with a cable for charging from a 220V network?
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  15. sbron8_1586043890

    sbron8_1586043890 New Member

    It says it charges at 1 to 1.5 amps, but my battery is a .65 amp battery. Would it still work?

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