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  1. (someone that has purchased) Please let me know the nose wheel holds up.(my last Cessna 400 1.4m used to rip out on grass)
  2. Absolutely on the concrete field but i believe it is too small for take off from the grass ...Maybe on golf type glass...For landings it should not be a problem.It take off less suddenly with flaps on...regards
  3. Is this compatible with a 2200 MAh battery?
  4. Are there parts available for this?
  5. Thank you
  6. rcbruce3_1585495085

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    Is the motor brushless? The description said the esc is brushless. (??)
  7. rcbruce3_1585495085

    rcbruce3_1585495085 New Member

    Are there any spare/replacement parts available for this plane? I bought it and crashed it. Need a nose cone and motor. Will any 8x4.5 x3 prop work? Thanks.

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