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  1. walkingonioioi

    walkingonioioi New Member

    I twisted a prop shaft off any ideas for a replacement.
  2. I´ve got 4S 5.200 mAH battery. Can I use it for this model? I see the ESC is good up to 6S, but I don´t know if the motor can use 4S. I know it would be to much power, but I can reduce weight in THR channel to 75% or even less to limit the power of 4S.
  3. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    I have been more successful doing take off from the ground than tossing it. Good luck.
  4. qfly62.rb

    qfly62.rb New Member

    I really enjoy flying my paramotor. Mine has a lot of flights on it and quite a few crashes. It has survived my learning to launch and flying in high winds surprisingly well. I find that the splines in servo arms are wearing out such that I have to tighten the servo screw before every flight and still need to reset the arm every few flights. Can any one tell me what servo is used in the trike so that I can get a spare set of servo arms? There are no labels on the existing servos. The tips of the parasail flutter in flight. Can anyone tell me how eliminate the flutter? Are the lines on the tips too long, too short or is it some other problem?
  5. On the motor what is the pwm frequency on the hk Paramotor motor and number of poles.
  6. cmmoser_1584990630

    cmmoser_1584990630 New Member

    What is the lenght of the steering arms measured from the axis of the servo to the whole where the brake lines are mounted?
    And how far faway from eachother are the two mounting points where the sail is mounted to the cart?
    thank you very much
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  7. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    Can you be more specific about the parts you are looking for?
  8. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    I used nitro engine motor mount, it work great, you have to drill some holes.
  9. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    I bought a 5 gal bucket from home depot, cut the top ring, it's a perfect fit.
  10. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    Did you check wires from ESC to the motor? if one wire get disconnected, it does exactly what you are saying.
  11. enawabi

    enawabi New Member

    Purchase hobby king nitro motor mount, it works great.

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