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  1. I had the same problem so I designed and 3d printed one that fits perfectly. If you have a 3d printer id be glad to send you the .stl file. If not I could sell you already printed ones, I'm just trying to figure out where I can list them for sale. You can see the one i printed and put on mine on my listing- https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3340263-Hobbyking-Paramotor
  2. See link below for lengths. Replacement string is not addressed but braided fishing line is one option.

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  3. rmr600119

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    Where can I get a new prop guard?
  4. adrian1

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    Sometimes I get forward and backward swings, especially when trying to throttle up and climb. Is this normal or is the brake/cg setting wrong or maybe too fast/windy?
  5. jpwatren_1562349162

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    Did you get a reply I also have some cut. Thank you
  6. lmisurai_1562415738

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    Please help me if you can.
    I have a T8fg futaba
    If I set the maximal servo trip, then only 45 degrees is the detour
    ,,how could they adjust to 90 degrees ? Thanks !
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    I broke mine today, seems like no spare parts available. guess I'll make one out of aluminum or 3D print one.
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    I found this video after I already set mine up on a 10C maybe it will help you.

    I used this video for my 10C and got it to work ok. not in english just watch the radio

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    I would love that stl file please, I have broken mine and have 3 friends with 3d printers. [email protected]
    Thanks in advance
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  10. Hi only just seen your reply. You have done a great job but i do not have a 3D printer, however I have managed to make something up to work.
    Thanks for your help however.
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  11. Thanks only just seen your reply. I do not have a printer but have managed to put something together which will work for now. great job you did.
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    Can you do acrobatic manouvers with this wing like wingover, fullstall, spiral, helicopter, powerloop...?
  13. tommy2toes

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    i like the new paraglider! i hope in the near future you sell replacement chutes and replacement frames and lines. it's great if we can buy parts to fix them but if not it's no different from the old one the bella trike paraglider that is now discontinued. it seems to fly well so i hope to see parts soon. great job keep it up hobbyking!
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    fun fun fun not one but two
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  16. dvdsteer

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    Need a bit of help please.
  17. netfryman

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    Anyone know how many poles is the engine that includes the paramotor?
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  18. h.l

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    3, it`s a normal brushless ;-)
  19. h.l

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    Yes it`s possible with mixer RC
  20. I need some parts for my Paramotor but can’t find part numbers. Any help please.

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