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  1. I have the Hobby King wing. What are the knots glued with? Should I use super glue or is there something else to help secure the knots and lines?
  2. This item is 1.6kg min. so will not be able to fly this if you do not registor , is this correct ?
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    Can you take off from the ground?
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    I used on my RC Parachute Jumpers always 5min Epoxy. Did hold for many years until today
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    As you can see from the video, HK is not showing takeoff from the ground. I own a smaller electric parasail (about 1.2m Sky Surfer), that I hand launched all the time. I don't recall ever successfully executing a ground takeoff.

    I also had a larger (about 2.1m) fuel-powered parasail that I ever successfully flew, because it was difficult to hand launch (mostly because of the size of the sail), and I never got it to take off from the ground.

    Ground takeoffs are tricky, as only a directly into the wind approach will work. Very light winds (0-3mph) are strongly advised, and any crosswinds at all before the sail has fully filled and the shrouds are nearly vertical will result in a sail tip and a collapse or a flip. The amount of thrust required from the motor is also critical; a lot is needed initially to fill the sail, the reduce to get off the ground (too much will cause a violent pitch up and stall, which will again collapse the sail).

    There are a few YouTube videos out there showing successful ground takeoffs, but I have never seen one personally.
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    the trike has more than enough power. handstarts are verry easy too.
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    no glue in the knots, the knots are strong enough fitted.
  8. Had my maiden flight today, flew about 3 minutes then the throttle went out mid flight? I have onboard video footage and the motor or esc beeped when this happened, now the motor just slowly jerks when trying to throttle up. Any ideas??
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    what about spare or replacement parts? Are they available?
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    Just like to know if this will land ok on dead stick.
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  13. I am going to purchase the Paramotor and was wondering why do I need a radio that does mixing?
  14. Is there anywhere to find the sail string lengths. I had an unfortunate event ending with several strings severed. Also any idea on the replacement string?
  15. It will come down softly without any power... I think as long as servos go to back to initial you it will be ok. If your servos are applying right or left break it may stall out the wing.
  16. are the string lengths and sizes available anywhere? I need to replace a few cut lines
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    What about soaring fly?
    Has anyone tried?
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    Hi everyone!
    I wanted to know if you could help to set up the Mix Curves in a Futaba 14SG Radio. I'm trying to set these parameters but I don't know how. If anyone can help me, my e mail is [email protected]

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  19. Hello I need the part number for the whole nose wheel section. I managed to break the whole thing completely off. The part number would be gratefully appreciated. I cant seem to find any thing on the website.
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