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  1. How do I use a Hobbyking ESC card?
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  2. I cannot get the HobbyKing 40ASBEC to turn my brushless motor - Cheetah A2212-6 using a Spektrum AR400 receiver. Am I missing something?
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    Have you inserted the 3 pin connecter into the Throttle channel in the receiver, and made sure it is the correct way round for the signal lead?
    If the previous two are all correct, is the binding to the receiver set Ok? To check the latter, perhaps try another ESC if you have a spare just to check the binding to your Tx.
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    Make sure your throttle trim is bumped all the way down. That makes sure the fail safe is not cutting power to the motor. If there is just a tiny bit of positive input from the trim button to the ESC with your throttle stick it won't allow you to start up the motor when you plug in your battery. Good luck
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    I didnĀ“t find any way to make this UBEC 4 a working with my spectrum DX6i. I swapped the cables, and changed the motor unsuccesfully

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