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  1. whoza101_1551707811

    whoza101_1551707811 New Member

    There is no indication where the signal wire goes.
  2. I have a S******* dx8 transmitter, will this receiver work? If not which one will?
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  3. piotr

    piotr New Member

    in the description the size is not correct !
    correct size is: 38 x 22 x 11

    quite smaller than the R615X
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  4. mail_1568286527

    mail_1568286527 New Member

    Is the receiver kompatible with Graupner transmitterc MX 16?
  5. Is compatible with graupner mz24 radio system
  6. Will 100% work with DX8 {"Ö"}/
  7. murraygb_1586067857

    murraygb_1586067857 New Member

    does anyone know which pin in the negative. Is it the one nearest the label or the other side?

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