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  1. Hi, this answer maybe a little late now! But yes it works with my iMac. My setup is: Spektrum DX9, 5K iMac 2017 with 64 GB ram and 4.2 I& processor. Simulation software I'm using is Aerofly RC7.
  2. unfortunately this will not work with frsky because frsky dosent use dsmx/dsm2 protocal's. mainly this is for spektrum products but will work with others that use thier protocal
  3. it should be compatible with all spektrum transmitter's including 1st gen models according to others that have tried that i have talked to on forums but I have not tried personally.
  4. is this compatible with RF-X?
  5. fabioqts_1548205548

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    Hi work on ORX Tx6i ?
  6. Yes. The tx6i is DSMX/DSM2 compatible.
  7. I also want to know
  8. hipersniper

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    Is it working under Linux? Especially with X-Heli?
  9. poirtear_1571713523

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    Does this work on RealFlight7.5?
  10. Hello,
    does it work with realflight 9 simulator and dx6e transmitter?
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  11. i am interested, had you managed that?
  12. mumrgr_1575754504

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    hi where is the best place to get the HID driver for a mac
  13. mumrgr_1575754504

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    Hi please can you tell me which driver to use and where to find it. thanks
  14. jeroen1_1576084029

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    I am not getting this to work. It binds fine, I then remove it and insert again. It again binds fine, but no sticks ever move, in settings on windows I see no movement. What am I doing wrong?
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    Thanks for the info it worked on my iMac without the need for drivers. The simulator i am using is x-plane11
  16. mumrgr_1575754504

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    no HID driver is required for an iMac running high sierra
  17. Is it working on an android device? I did not manage to make it work.
  18. idinnes_1519087213

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    Has anyone used the DSMX/DSM2 Orange Dongle with Real Flight RF-X? I get a popup that says the program detected an unauthorized device.
  19. Hi. Will this work with a Quamum i8 transmitter? I'm a beginner here and would prefer to get advice instead of leaping in and buying one.
    Thanks in advance
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  20. Works great with my MacBook Air Catalina DX9 and AreoFly RC7 No drivers needed. Has 8 channels. So far I have only figured out how to use 7 channels. For some reasons two channels seemed to be bound together. But definitely has 7 useable channels

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