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  1. guncha550

    guncha550 New Member

    Does this dongle supports Spectrum DX8 Gen1 transmitter?
  2. I can not bind it to my DX6i only DSMX european transmitter. First it blinks fast, then it blinks slow for 2 or three times, then the led goes off and they don't bind together.
    Any ideas why?
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  3. Is this compatible with android? Is there a file I need to download to make this work on my Android device?
  4. edjal

    edjal New Member

    Is this compatible with Phoenix RC simulator?
  5. jgroot

    jgroot New Member

    Does nothing with a DX6i, No Blinking, No Binding No Nothing, waste of money.
    Would be more than happy to send it back if you'll give my money back coz its useless to me
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  6. Works with my DX6i:
    - Plugin the USB-Stick while holding the key
    - Hold the binding switch on the 6i and then switch it on while continue to hold it. Then release..

    Worked for me without any problems
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  7. Also had problems binding to DSMX on Devo 7e. But works well with DSM2. I will also try solution posted by benno.eberle_1510327256 in reply.
  8. forgot85

    forgot85 New Member

    Hello just want to make sure this will work. I have a Frsky qx7s that I would like to use on my computer to run Velocidrone flight simulator. This will work for that correct?
  9. salgarpi

    salgarpi New Member

    Is it compatible with Phoenix Rc?
  10. hello, sorry for my English!
    it's good with windows10?
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  11. mikehamilton1

    mikehamilton1 New Member

    try holding the radio away for it to bind
  12. mikehamilton1

    mikehamilton1 New Member

    did you hold the button on the side of the dongle, when you plugged it into the USB port, and then bind to your radio
  13. mikehamilton1

    mikehamilton1 New Member

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  14. mikehamilton1

    mikehamilton1 New Member

    hod do you make this work with real flight 7.5?
  15. mikehamilton1

    mikehamilton1 New Member

    how do you make this work with real flight sim, i seen someone wrote a review saying it wood, but i can connect my radio but can't make it work with the sim
  16. is this compatible with VelociDrone simulator?
  17. wxstone

    wxstone New Member

    Would this work with a jr ds9 - windows 10 and work as a joystick controller for Microsoft fsx?
  18. paul31154

    paul31154 New Member

    Has anybody tried this with HeliX?
    I have DX7 and a MacBook
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  19. Is it possible to work with realflight g7???
  20. jerrysimonsimon

    jerrysimonsimon New Member

    Will this work with my iMac ?

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