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  1. gerald.landt

    gerald.landt New Member

    how to bind TGY-iA6 with TGY-I10
  2. slugbut_1514731662

    slugbut_1514731662 New Member

    Will this bind to the Evolution?
  3. HobbyKing_CEO

    HobbyKing_CEO Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure i10 is in bind mode for AFHDS 2A protocol and use bind plug in RX.
  4. HobbyKing_CEO

    HobbyKing_CEO Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, it will.
  5. flugapparillo

    flugapparillo New Member


    want to use the receiver with 1s Lipo in DLG Bonsai.
    Will this go right ?

    Thank you all.
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  6. gersan80

    gersan80 New Member

    I bound 2 of these rx to my tgy i10 tx using the AFHDS 2 way during binding. One rx is not indicating the telemetry feature and the rx battery icon indicates "rx disconnected". tried binding it several times but to no avail. attached servos and it seems to be working except for the battery telemetry. Is this rx damaged?
  7. tsc2_id_1522449984

    tsc2_id_1522449984 New Member

    This RX works with Turnigy 9X (V1) if you put Throttle channel in reverse before binding.
  8. w.andi_1522772098

    w.andi_1522772098 New Member

    Hallo, welche Reichweite hat den der Empfänger. Kann ich ihn auch für einen Segler benutzen.

    Hello, which range has the receiver. Can I use it for a sailer?
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  9. what wires do i need to connect the Receiver to the ESC?
  10. Hi !
    Can i bind it with Turnigy TX-9X (V2) ?
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  11. Will this bind with a Turnigy i4x controller
  12. chriskimmel1965

    chriskimmel1965 New Member

    yes herve, as long as you're running AFHDS 2A it should, i have the flysky fs-th9x V2 which is AFHDS 2A and it bound to it with no problem.
  13. jmpj_1536009448

    jmpj_1536009448 New Member

    Why won't a Turnigy TGY-iA6 receiver bind with my Turnigy 9X transmitter?
  14. kjtibor

    kjtibor New Member

    How to bind TGY 9X, normally not go !?
  15. kjtibor

    kjtibor New Member

    I tried but did not work TGY 9X
  16. Is it compatible with flysky i6x ???
    thank you
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  17. donaldguadagnolo

    donaldguadagnolo New Member

    Hi, would this receiver bind to the Turnigy GT5 transmitter since its using AFHDS ??
  18. It will bind. Put bind plug in the receiver. Plug in the battery supply. Red LED will flash very quickly.
    Push the "bind switch" on the back of the RF module, then turn the transmitter on. The receiver LED
    should then change to slowly flashing. Remove the bind plug. Turn off the receiver and turn off the transmitter.
    Turn on the transmitter, then turn on the receiver. Red LED should be solid red indicating now bound to the transmitter.
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  19. Bonjour peut on remplacer le récepteur turnigy iA8 2.4 ghz 2A par celui si dessus

    Hello can we replace the receiver turnigy iA8 2.4 ghz 2A by the one if above
    Thank you
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  20. will this receiver work with a Turnigy 9x?

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