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  1. This is the oversimplified answer: Input needs as many amps as the charge-rate you are charging at. So, at least 6 amps for the full charge rate.
  2. Select LiFe. Enter submenu. Scroll to LiPo.
    LiIon, LiPo, LiHV, and LiFe, are all under the same program....
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    i have not been able to find a manual for this charger anywhere. Can anyone tell me where to find one.
  4. Try using a power supply with a higher voltage, try one with a voltage higher than the battery you are using. Hope this helps
  5. Hi, I havethe V1 version, great charger for many multiple and single Lipos LIFE and NiMh, now I want to charge soem NiZn, anybody can help on setting it? txs, Alex.
    also have ISDT Q6, any guide?
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