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    I have read a couple of discussions about this product and need some clear advice, I have bought this charger to power my 3s 5200mah battery, Its within the 6ah but I read that the watt is not high enough to give it a full charge? Can anyone help. Thanks
  2. V × A= W 3S 11.1× 5.2 = 57.7 W charger is 50W!
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    Technically, you are mixing up power and stored energy. You calculated the power needed to charge a 5.2Ah 3s LiPo in 1h - this is, however utterly insignificant when regarding the asked question. The simple answer to your question, swinbob2, is: Less power only leads to a longer charging time and does not define in any way, if a battery can be charged at all.
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    I bought this charger it does not charge bats unless you plug them balance mode, problem is when your batt have no balance plug it's useless. Have treid many ways even if you dissable balance mode on programstay away from this POS
  5. it will just take longer than a higher out put charger.
  6. Do I have to buy a power cord for it and if so what kind
  7. im trying to calibrate but holding botons - and set when power on is not working
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    does anyone know what current you can run this off?
  9. (Português): O calibrador de voltagem não está funcionando nos atuais aparelhos. Quando você tenta calibrar pressionando os 2 botões (" - " e "enter") aparece uma mensagem solicitando a atualização do firmware. Infelizmente o suporte técnico da Hobbyking (que é dona da marca Turnigy) não tem capacidade para solucionar esse problema. Eles passaram o software que reconhece o aparelho (Charge Master 2.03), mas ele não atualiza o firmware e eles não sabem como resolver. E também não querem substituir o aparelho por acharem que o erro de precisão não é significativo. Mas todos sabemos que a imprecisão só tende a piorar e é fundamental habilitar a função de calibração de voltagem. Se alguém tiver o firmware atualizado e souber como solucionar esse problema deixa na resposta abaixo. Enquanto esse problema não for resolvido vale a pena comprar o IMAX. Por enquanto eu vou tentando falar com outros departamentos da HobbyKing pra tentar resolver, mas estou completamente insatisfeito com o controle de qualidade e com a incapacidade da assistência técnica de resolver um problema relativamente simples como esse.

    The voltage gauge is not working on current devices. When you try to calibrate by pressing the 2 buttons ("-" and "enter") a message appears asking you to update the firmware. Unfortunately, technical support from Hobbyking (which owns the Turnigy brand) is not able to solve this problem. They passed the software that recognizes the device (Charge Master 2.03), but it does not update the firmware and they do not know how to solve. And they also do not want to replace the device because they think the precision error is not significant. But we all know that the imprecision only tends to get worse and it is fundamental to enable the voltage calibration function. If someone has the firmware updated and knows how to solve this problem leave the answer below. While this problem is not resolved it is worth buying the IMAX. For now I'm trying to talk to other HobbyKing departments to try to solve it, but I'm completely dissatisfied with quality control and the inability of technical assistance to solve a relatively simple problem like this.
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    Hi ,

    I own this charger for several years. Using it mainly for NiMh or Lipo batteries.
    Last year, i had to charge a LiFe and succeeded to select this technology.
    Now, iI want to use it for Lipo batteries, but I am unable to change the selected battery : it goes cycling LiFe, MiCD, NiMh Pb, program. I don't have found the keystroke to come back to Lipo in the manual, neither the way to do a "factory reste" which I excpected it give me the Lipo by default.

    Am I dummy ?
    Can someboby help me ?
    Thank you
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  11. watt_1535521415

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    I have the calibration problem too. I successfully upgraded to 1.14 but the calibration still does not appear. Only the "UPDATE SYSTEM. PLEASE WAIT..." text displayed.
  12. How many amps does input need
  13. who know how many mAh hes this product
  14. I am getting a error 'dc voltage low'.anyone knows how to fix?
  15. Depends on the output load and input voltage. More better.
  16. There is a bug in the firmware and there should be a fix, somewhere. Even when you select non-balance mode, it complains about balance connection on >1S. I'm looking for the fix as well.
  17. Your power supply may not be adequate. Try a different one.
  18. gdpahunter

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    Has anyone found how to do a non-balance charge of LiPo?
  19. wookey_1562201385

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    Yes. I just hit this. _very_ annoying. I've had a V1 accucel6 for a decade or so and it's been brilliant. I have a lot of batteries with no balance cables so really need 'CHARGE' as well as 'BALANCE CHARGE'. What's th point of having both if they both require a balance connector?

    Has anyone nobbled the firmware to fix this?
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  20. Try making an adapter to plug the single cell into any +/- balance port with a red two-pole JST connector, and the banana charge port, in parallel. This charger is not available in my warehouse, so I am not able to let y'all know if this works....

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