Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by ericb, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. bessetg

    bessetg New Member

    Is it possible to propose the 3rd axle for rear and front differentials ?
  2. onbeer2000

    onbeer2000 New Member

    Need some stock guys!!
  3. rafael2

    rafael2 New Member

    Could anyone tell me the gear size? How many teeth?
    I&#180*m looking for a compatible diff for a kyosho inferno...
  4. ericb

    ericb New Member

    Any body know if ther is another compatable diff for this car or where the parts are in stock
  5. maciekpac

    maciekpac New Member

    Please restock! waiting ages for it
  6. motyha

    motyha New Member

    some one can help me and tell me if this item is compatibility for nanda raptor 1/8 rear diff ?
  7. guzmanfergor

    guzmanfergor New Member

    restock &#161*&#161*&#161*&#161*
  8. marcvvw

    marcvvw New Member


    It's very simple I will never buy anything anymore from HK !

    Because still waiting for 2 orders and the Turnigy Trailblazer XT 1/5

    is already DEAD after 1 hour the rear diff is completely broken.

    It's a real Chinees **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will post all this problems on all the forums.

    All the best.

  9. marcvvw

    marcvvw New Member

    no no **** = S H I T !!!
  10. onbeer2000

    onbeer2000 New Member

    Will the new arriving stock have the allen/hex screws that hold the crown gear in place? I have noticed that model of these diffs have thicker/larger planetary gears in them and seem to be stronger..
  11. rojo

    rojo New Member

    Put some diff. oil or grease in the DIFFS !

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