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  1. can I use ridht hand propeler? or I must chenge the flex with right hand flex?
    thanyou very much!
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  2. Can I use a right hand propeller, or do I have to change the flex shaft inside the outboard shell
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    You have to change the flex.
  4. Installed motor on a 32" cat.doesnt run very fast.should i get a motor with higher kv ?
  5. It may run hot if you up the KV only. Lower KV + More Power = Less Amp Draw and Cooler Temperatures. Try to get an 1800-2000kv and run it on 6S if your ESC can handle it.
  6. As far as greesing lowerunit goes,i took it apart and there is a hole exactly were the greese comes into lowerunit.i enlarged it a bit and i have no problem greasing flex shaft.
  7. Does it need a steering servo
  8. What kind of greae did you use?
  9. What scale is this motor? Or what are the actual dimensions of it?
  10. My motor does not seem to turn the rpms it should. I have not put in the water but doesn’t turn up much and makes a buzzing noise. I’m using a 50amp esc with 3s fully changed lipos . I disassembled it and greased and checked everything and the prop shaft turns easy. I used all recommended settings on the program card.
    The timing settings were 15degrees. According to what I can find on google that seems to be a little bit to much advance for a 4 pole in runner motor.
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    Boat Size Range: 500~700mm

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